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How long does a Home Inspection take?

A Home Inspection can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. The total time depends on the total square footage of the home, basement and/or attic to be inspected, condition of the home and surrounding land, outbuildings and or pools as well as the age of the home. Most importantly, the number of defects that are found must also be documented and will therefore dictate the amount of time required. There are many aspects of a home that NEED to be reviewed carefully. 

Can we walk through the inspection with our inspector?
Yes. In all cases we encourage the client to join the inspector during the inspection. While this creates a longer inspection time it allows the client to understand everything that is shown in the inspection report and gives the Home Inspector a true opportunity to educate you on your new home. Your knowledge is our success. If you choose not to walk around the home with your inspector you should still be at the property during the inspection. If any major concerns are found they can be explained and shown to you while the inspector is there to answer any questions.
What extra fees do you charge?
None. The rate you see on the Rates page is the only rate you pay. Your Home Inspection is a true property inspection. Any item on the property is included on the Home Inspection including: pool, outbuildings, thermal inspection, workshop, etc. You will never be charged extra for anything.
How many inspectors do you have?

Currently we have three inspectors, Michael Mischke, Cameron Doyle and Aaron Lee. All inspectors maintain the designation of Certified Professional Inspector or Certified Master Inspector, the highest ranked designation in the Home Inspection industry. Each and every inspection receives the same high detail level and thoroughness regardless of which inspector is on site.

What is Home Assure Plus?
Home Assure Plus is a service that takes 4Sight Inspections above all others giving you piece of mind for years to come. Simply visit the Home Assure page from the menu above for details. Learn more
When should a home inspection be completed?

A Home Inspection should be completed on a few scenarios:

  1. Pre-listing inspection – Allows you, the home owner, to address and correct concerns prior to listing – You can find safety issues prior to having people walking through and around your home – You will know all concerns ahead of the listing so there will be no surprises – Can minimize negotiations when an offer is submitted
  2. Pre-purchase inspection takes the risk out of your purchase. Reduces the possible impact of unknown issues in the home. Foundations, plumbing or electrical can cost several thousand dollars in repairs. Know the details before purchase.
  3. Maintenance inspection. A home should be inspected every three to five years. A maintenance inspection gives you the same comprehensive and detailed inspection that you would get when buying or selling. The real difference is your are mitigating risk in your own home. Over time, everything deteriorates…electrical, plumbing, foundation, roofing, windows, doors, caulking. A maintenance inspection allows you to find the areas of deterioration and address the concern before it becomes a problem.
  4. New Home Inspections (PDI or Pre-Delivery Inspection). When you walk through your new home with the builder for your pre-delivery inspection it is wise to have a certified Home Inspector with you. This will help to identify deficiencies which will be covered by your new home warranty.
  5. A new homes first year (Tarion Warranty). Before you have been in your newly built home for a full year have it inspected by a Certified Home Inspector. Any deficiencies that occur during the first year of the home settling will be covered by you new home warranty.
How quickly can an inspection be set up?
Typically, it is always best to set it up a couple of days ahead. We attempt to schedule the time and date that meets your needs whenever possible. If the time and date you want in your area is unavailable we will work with you to find an equally acceptable schedule.
How much does a home inspection cost?

4Sight Home Inspection rates start at $300, depending on the property. Visit the Rates page for full details. We do not charge any additional fees for older homes or for additional report services. Thermal inspection is always included. No matter how long the inspection takes, the number of concerns found which require reporting, the age of the home etc, your rate will never change.

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Are home inspectors regulated in Ontario?
Not yet. However, the government is taking strides towards putting regulations in place. Until that happens anyone can call themselves a home inspector. Your 4Sight Home Inspectors are certified by a national, accredited institution, attend a minimum number of hours each year for continuing education and have 40 years combined industry experience. Don’t take a risk with an uncertified home inspector. Ensure you receive a certified and insured Home Inspector. 4Sight offers the MOST comprehensive and detailed home inspection with the best available tools and knowledge available.
What do you look for in a home inspection?
For a complete list of what is inspected please see the Rates page . Essentially we look for all the good and bad in a home. We strive to find all areas of concern that you need to be aware of. However, where we find good areas of the home we will point those out as well.

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